Antifascist Action Šiška

Antifascist Action Šiška is a part of an international antifascist network that is based on the principles of group autonomy and non-hiearchical activity.

Our purpose is to promote the ideas of antifascism, to inform the public about the activities of (neo)fascist groups and to establish new practices of antifascist struggle. (Neo)fascist and neonazi groups are only one partiular expression of the system that we reject, thus it is not enough to fight those groups only. Fight against fascism in all its forms means a fight against capitalism. It is the main agent of increasing social inequalities among people, from which frustrations that fuel fascism arise.

If you are in accordance with our views, join us or form your own group with comrades and friends!

Our principles:

  • Fight against fascism must take place in all social fields. It doesn’t matter, whether we speak about the offspring of political parties, nazi-skinheads, patriotic youth or neo-pagan right-wing metal fans – we need to fight against all forms of fascism, whatever their specific disguise!
  • We need to fight all forms of discrimination: this doesn’t mean solely fighting groups that are promoting practices and ideas of discrimination, it also means to constantly work  against discrimination within our own ranks. Antifascist action is sharply against all sorts of racism, sexism, homophobia and nationalism.
  • The struggle needs to simultaneously take place on two levels – on theoretical and practical. Physical confrontation on the street is unavoidable, while the fact is, that this is the young fascists’ preffered mode of action. Despite that we must not invest to much energy and time into our own self-defense, be it at the level of the individual or of the community. The ideas of fascism must be trashed in an argumentative way. Promotion of our ideas and an ongoing counter-information activity against fascist propaganda is as necessary as physical presence on the streets.
  • We also need to think about how to defend ouselves against repression. We need to safeguard us and our comrades against it. Our activity is legitimate and in cases, where the powers-that-be think otherwise, we need to offer full solidarity and support to those who find themselves in a precarious position, possibly under attack from police or judiciary.
  • Cooperation with the police is never an option. Police is the repressive apparatus of state that in final analisys is dedicated to secure the power of powers-that-be and capital.
  • There is and will be absolutely no cooperation with political parties. We reject it because of their loyalty to the existing order, hierarchical mode of activity and their lust for power. Political parties, including their youth departments are part of the structures of oppression, that need to be made history if we are ever to live in a free society of the future.

Contact us: antifa1107[at]nadir.org

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